Children's Theater

HEAR YE, HEAR YE! Coming this May....thanks once again to generous support from the Peter & Jeri Dejana Family Foundation...

The Emperor's Tales
Two Classic Stories by Hans Christian Andersen
"The Emperor's New Clothes" & "The Emperor and the Nightingale"


To be performed in the Parish Hall at St. Stephen's Church


May 16 - 18, 2014

Friday & Saturday at 7:00pm

Sunday at 2:00pm


This production marks a proud revival. Returning director Diana vonRoeschlaub and Tony Traguardo adapted The Emperor's Tales for a 1994 Children's Show production. The show was so successful, it toured to the UK in 1995!


Auditions for the 2014 Children's Show are now complete. But please don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to help out behind the scenes, or be part of planning next year's show!



Cast members of The Emperor's Tales rehearse the show.

About the Play Troupe Children's Show


Newly revived in 2013, the Port Washington Play Troupe Children’s Show is dedicated to staging  classic stories for children with large inter-generational casts (ages 8 to 80)!

Play Troupe began producing plays for children just three years after its founding. But in 1947, Charlotte Merriman, principal of Main Street School, partnered with the Tangerman family (Elmer, Molly and Judith) to officially found the inter-generational Children’s Show. For generations, it has helped entire families enjoy telling stories together.



Did you know? Hollywood actress Eaddy Mays credits the Children's Show with inspiring her to pursue a career as a professional performer.