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Images of the inaugural radio drama series, spring 2014.


Fall 2014 Radio Drama Series


Play Troupe is currently casting three upcoming radio dramas (The Philadelphia Story, War of the Worlds and It’s a Wonderful Life), with songs from the era, to be produced jointly with WCWP 88.1 FM.


Non-singing actors and singers are both needed and welcome. Performers will be asked to assemble their own costumes (with guidance and without being asked to make any purchases; please be assured that era-appropriate fashions are common). And typically, everyone involved in our shows helps out (social media/other promotion, load-in/strike, etc.).


We're also looking for musicians and behind-the-scenes helpers of all kinds, so pick YOUR way to get in on the fun! Volunteerism is vital to keep Play Troupe thriving. Please contact us.




Play Troupe, in proud partnership with WCWP 88.1 FM  (the community public radio station of LIU Post), inaugurated a radio drama series in spring 2014 as part of a year-long Golden Era of Radio Celebration. The series is performed on stage in the Hillwood Recital Hall at the Tilles Center at LIU Post. It features original radio drama scripts with songs from the era and is recorded in front of a live studio audience.


Learn more about the program, view images, and listen to archive recordings from previous productions here.




REHEARSAL availability on Thursday nights is extremely important. The radio dramas regularly rehearse TWICE per week: on Thursday evenings on site at LIU Post, and one other weeknight or weekend afternoon (Saturday afternoons are typical) at an alternate location. In the week prior to each performance, there may be an extra technical rehearsal. Please note the performance dates below and remain flexible.


Religious holidays are respected.


PERFORMANCES and accompanying rehearsal details:


The Philadelphia Story - Performs Saturday, September 27 @ 1pm

Rehearsals begin September 4, 2014.

Mandatory technical rehearsal the morning of performance.


War of the Worlds - Performs Thursday, October 30 @ 8pm

Rehearsal start date TBA.

Mandatory technical rehearsal the evening of October 29.


It's a Wonderful Life - Saturday, November 22, 2014 @ 1pm

Rehearsal start date TBA.

Mandatory technical rehearsal the morning of performance.


Hillwood Recital Hall
The Tilles Center at LIU Post

720 Northern Boulevard, Greenvale, NY 11548




Date:             Saturday, August 23, 2014


Time:             2:30-5:30pm (please arrive early, as we must leave at 5:30)


Location:      St. Cecilia Room

                        St. Stephen’s Church

                        9 Carlton Ave.

                        Port Washington, NY 11050


Directions: St. Stephen’s Church is located just down the hill from the Landmark on Main Street, opposite the Port Washington Public Library. The door to the St. Cecilia Room is immediately accessible from Carlton Ave., to the left of a staircase/driveway leading to the main parking lot.



Please email us at if you plan to attend. While we are not setting appointments, it will be extremely helpful to know how many performers to expect.


Please bring a headshot and resume if you have one. A list of your past experience (please remember to include contact info) and a recent, accurate photo are all that is requested. But if you don’t have these on hand, please don’t let it keep you at home!


To be considered for NON-SINGING ROLES: Prepare a short monologue of your choosing. There will be materials on hand to read aloud, but we prefer that actors come prepared with the material that they feel showcases them best. Please note that in addition, you may be asked to “cold read” materials or try a scene with a partner.


To be considered for SINGING ROLES: Please prepare 16 bars and bring sheet music for the accompanist. Songbooks will be provided, but again, we strongly recommend that performers prepare in advance. FYI, the radio drama series features songs from the 1930s-50s.


If you like, download our audition form to print and complete in advance. Forms will also be available when you arrive.




Read about our casting policies here.




If we're considering you for a RADIO DRAMA, Play Troupe will contact you within a few days or weeks (at the most) by email and/or phone.


If we're considering you for FUTURE PROJECTS, you may not hear anything beyond a thank-you email. Please don’t assume that because we don’t see a role for you in one of our fast-approaching projects, we aren’t keeping your information on file and hoping to see you again soon. :)




The Philadelphia Story

Songs will be performed, but not all actors must be singers.


Based on the play by Philip Barry (which starred Kathryn Hepburn on Broadway, as well as in the film adaptation), The Philadelphia Story is a 1942 radio comedy about a witty divorcee caught between her ex-husband, her new fiancé, and a tabloid reporter sent to cover her society wedding.


Roles Available:


ANNOUNCER: Classic broadcast voice, gift for storytelling (narrates)

TRACY LORD: Witty, strong-willed socialite who learns to forgive

C.K. DEXTER HAVEN: Charming reformed drinker, Tracy’s ex-husband

MIKE CONNOR: Feisty reporter, a tender/passionate fiction writer at heart

LIZ IMBRIE: Dry-witted photographer who patiently loves Mike

SIDNEY KIDD: Publishing magnate who finds his glee embarrassing the rich

MRS. LORD (Tracy’s mother): Respects daughter’s fire, but of an earlier time

DINAH LORD (Tracy’s young sister): Mouthy kid with hidden smarts

GEORGE KITTREDGE: Tracy’s rags-to-riches fiancé, more admirable than magnetic

MR. LORD (Tracy’s father): Remote and authoritative, eventually softens


Some actors will be asked to play additional small roles (under 5 lines).



War of the Worlds

Songs will be performed, but not all actors must be singers.


In H.G. Wells’ famous science fiction novel, martians invade Earth and terrify the populace. The story was told most infamously on the air by Orson Welles in 1938, initially leading listeners to believe the events of the story were real. This adaptation of the 1953 film aired in 1955.


Roles Available:


ANNOUNCER: Classic broadcast voice, gift for storytelling (narrates).


LEADING MAN to play Dr. Clayton Forrester (30s-40s) scientist seeking a way to defeat the invading Martians. Dr. Forrester is called to investigate the crash site of a mysterious "meteor" where he meets the beautiful Sylvia van Buren and discovers that Earth is being invaded!


LEADING WOMAN to play Sylvia van Buren (30s) one of the first witnesses to the arrival of the Martians, she joins (and subsequently falls in love with) Dr. Forrester on his quest to save humankind.


MALE CHARACTER ACTOR 1 (40s-60s) to play General Mann and Fiddler plus 4 or 5 smaller roles – actor must be able to deliver a commanding performance as the US Army General who leads the charge against the Martians as well as portray a park lookout ranger (Fiddler), a fireman, a pastor, and a priest; each with a unique and distinct voice.


MALE CHARACTER ACTOR 2 (30s-60s) to play a county sheriff and a US Army Colonel plus 4 or 5 smaller roles – actor needs to deliver each character with a unique and distinct voice and personality.


MALE CHARACTER ACTOR 3 (30s-60s) to play 7 or 8 "stock" characters including a deputy, a park ranger, a biochemist, a rich man, a minister, a military officer and various citizens. Some of these characters should be portrayed with over-the-top, cliché voices that vary greatly in pitch and cadence from one to the other.


FEMALE CHARACTER ACTOR (30s-40s) to play Dr. Lucille Duprez and a reporter plus 3 or 4 other voices; one of which may be a screaming Martian (whatever that sounds like). Dr. Duprez's voice should sound academic and methodical, whereas the reporter speaks rapidly and in a dramatic fashion.


FOLEY/SOUND EFFECTS ARTISTS: 2-3 people interested in learning, creating, and performing the live sound effects for this story.



It’s a Wonderful Life

Songs will be performed, but not all actors must be singers.


In this 1947 radio adaptation of Frank Capra’s beloved holiday film, a common man named George Bailey falls so far into despair that his guardian angel Clarence is pressed into service. Clarence shows George how many people he has touched and how wonderful his life really is—just in time for Christmas.


Roles Available:


ANNOUNCER: Classic radio voice.


CLARENCE: An apprentice Angel who wants to earn his wings by saving George’s life.


JOSEPH: Superintendent of the Angels.


GEORGE BAILEY: A typical American who dreams of glory, lives in hope, and loves and doubts.  He wants to see the wonderful exciting world that lays outside the limits of his home town, Bedford Falls, NY.


MARY HATCH BAILEY: An 18 year-old girl from Bedford Falls, who met George at a dance and became a part of his life and family.


UNCLE BILLY: Absent-minded clerk at the Building and Loan Association.


MULTIPLE ROLE #1 (MALE) to play the Gower (pharmacist), Martini (cafe owner), Bridgekeeper, Sheriff and Charlie (shareholder).


MULTIPLE ROLE #2 (MALE) to play Young George (age 12) and Pete (George's son, age 9).


MULTIPLE ROLE #3 (MALE) to play Pop (George's father) and Mr. Potter (financier).


MULTIPLE ROLE #4 (MALE) to play Harry (George's brother), Sam (businessman) and Randall (shareholder).


MULTIPLE ROLE #5 (MALE) to play Grumpy Old Man, Ed (shareholder), Nick (bartender) and Pinky (bouncer).


MULTIPLE ROLE #6 (MALE) to play Dr. Campbell (board president), Horace (bank teller) and Bert (policeman).


MULTIPLE ROLE #7 (FEMALE) to play Tilly (clerk), Mrs. Bailey (George's mother), Mrs. Thompson (shareholder), Cynthia Hillcastle (Lux commercial #2) and Zuzu (George's daughter, age 5).


MULTIPLE ROLE #8 (FEMALE) to play Mrs. Hatch (Mary's mother), Libby Collins (Lux commercial #1) and Janie (George's daughter, age 8).


MULTIPLE ROLE #9 (MALE) to play Ernie (cab driver), Welch (irate husband) and Carter (bank examiner).





We look forward to seeing you at auditions. :)

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