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Our Story

Play Troupe was founded in 1927 by a group of self-described “careless artists, with an utter disregard for tradition and custom.” They staged their first production in the Parish Hall at St. Stephen's Church, which has partnered with Play Troupe throughout its history.

What followed were decades of high-quality community theater, produced in every available auditorium, church, gymnasium and unsuspecting open space in town!

Over the years, Play Troupe's industrious members founded a wide variety of programs that all operate under the company's non-profit umbrella. These programs included inter-generational theater for children, musicals, straight plays/classics, live-broadcast radio dramas, and even a behind-the-scenes theater discussion series.


Learn more about Play Troupe's prior programming here.

In the mid 1990s, nearly all of Play Troupe's programs fell into inactivity. But in 2012, in celebration of the company's 85th anniversary, both old and new members rallied together to revive Port Washington Play Troupe for more generations to enjoy. The revival, and Play Troupe's ongoing programming, has enjoyed the generous support of the Peter & Jeri Dejana Family Foundation.


The company produced robustly until (and even through) the COVID-19 pandemic, including streaming productions. It then went dark briefly again following the passing of longtime President and Artistic Director Pamela Meadows in 2021. After a year-long search for new leadership in 2022, the company announced a new Board of Directors in 2023.

The company is now back in production, looking forward to celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2027!

Port Washington Play Troupe is a registered 501(c)3 organization. To donate, please contact us.

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